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Welcome to Online CBT Resources. These worksheets are free to use for self-help or as clinical instruments by suitably qualified, experienced and supervised mental health practitioners. They are intended to be used to help the process of therapy with those presenting problems where CBT has been found to be an appropriate, evidence-based treatment. They can be used whether you are currently in therapy or have completed therapy and would like to continue to use some of the tools that you have already found helpful. These worksheets are categorically not intended to be a substitute for expert advice and treatment. To navigate to a specific worksheet click on the link

All these worksheets are copyrighted so we would be very grateful if you could respect the time and work that we have put in to develop them by not reproducing them or attempting to use them for any commercial purpose without our explicit permission. You are very welcome to link to these pages from your own website. If you have any comments about the worksheets, or find any bugs or problems with them, we would be very pleased to hear from you.